Q. …How much will my cushion cost ?
A. Send us as much information as you can regarding measurements , style, choice of fabric and inners and we will e-mail your quote.

Q. …does my fabric choice affect the cost?
A. There are 4 price bands for fabric from A –D with A being the lowest price band . Customers own materials are priced as band A

Q. …How long will my cushions take to arrive?
A. All our cushions are custom made to order, once you have confirmed your order ,your cushions will be ready within 3 weeks

Q. …Can you make cushions for anything?
A. Yes , whatever you have , we can create a cushion to fit—just send your measurements and template ( see ‘how to create a cushion template’ section) along with fabric and filling choice , and we will do the rest. We can even advise on the design and inners if required.

Q. …My foams are fine , I just need new covers?
A. You can send us a template or your old covers and we will remake to your specifications.

Q. …I want to use my own fabric, can I?
A. No problem, just e-mail for a quote and we will recommend how much fabric is required– see c.o.m. section in ‘fabrics’

Q. …What is the best choice of inner for my cushion?
A. If you tell us what the cushion is for and what size is required, we can recommend the best inner and foam density for the job

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