Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture, benches and wrought iron furniture can be just as inviting to sit on as any sofa, but to reach that level of comfort you need a high quality cushion. Whether it’s a replacement cushion or a first cushion we will make it the best decision you made.

Whatever you have we can create the cushions you need

Customized Deep Seat Cushions

Outdoor living is becoming more and more popular, but cushion choice is limited and basic, massed produced and cannot give you the comfort required. In fact, they may only last a season but your furniture will go on for many more.

So, simply send us your measurements for a quote for quality cushions to make all the difference

Benches/ Wrought Iron seats

Whatever you have, we can create the cushions you need
See ‘how to create a cushion template‘ to make your Outdoor living space a relaxing and comfortable place to unwind.

Just send us your details of your fabric choice with a template and we will advise you of all the options available for Wrought Iron furniture

1” border high density foam seat pads are the best choice for this application, 3” deep medium density foam gives comfort and long life to cushions on hard surfaces like wooden benches


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